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Health Consultations
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Online Consultation

Your overall health and wellness means more than just having a fit body. What's more important is having a recipe for your own body. Our Health Consultations do just that. We take the time to go over what your mind, body, and soul needs to achieve optimal health. 

After you learn what your body needs, you can join the Weekend Relaxation Classes early in the mornings. You will experience a time of peace, quiet, and relaxation as you stretch, and learn to release tension in your bodies while allowing fresh oxygen to fill your body bringing you into focus so you can have an amazing day!

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Group Pilates +

What We Offer

In Person Group Workouts

Condition your body for 45 minutes of intimacy with muscles that you never knew existed while learning to understand your body and what it can do.

This is not your normal Pilates class.

Home Workout Plan

We’re not just giving you equipment to use when you’re with us. NO! We want to show you how to use it so that you can be effective with the group and at home. This workout plan will give you a 15 minute and 30 minute workout that you can do at home when you are not attending in-person group workouts.

Group Pilates +

What is Pilates? 
Joseph Pilates created a workout that teaches you to utilize your core to minimize energy and activate your body’s natural ability to filter energy and strength from your center. 

In this Group Pilates Plus class, you will... 

* Learn the basic concepts of Pilates 
* Develop proper form and posture 
* Become better at balancing your body 
* Understand how to prevent injury 
    through exercise and core strength 
* Realize that you can actual relax while working out 
* Feel better about you and your body 

 Our group workouts will introduce your body to a way of exercise laying down, standing up, walking, or daily duties such as sweeping. You will leave with a new attitude on how to utilize your core to create a stronger and healthier life.

What Else Is Included?

2 days in-person group workouts 
Floor Mat 
Pilates Bar Kit w/ Carry Bag 
Water Bottle 
Home Workout Plan 

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