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A Mouth of Destruction

What if every word was an object? What would our words look like? Would it look like a teddy bear, a flaming sword, or a heat-seeking missle? Have you ever thought of the damage that our words are capable of when we speak them from our lips?

I know my words have formed into machine guns at times taking out everyone in it's path and showing no mercy. By the time, I realized the damage I had done I was left cleaning blood off the floor and picking up broken pieces. In those times, I would be praying for the right words to say to build them up and mend their hearts rent from my carelessness.

To them, my words were poisonous arrows piercing them from head to toe. To them, my words struck cords they never knew existed and opened wounds that they thought were healed. My mere apology was not and could not fix that. Yet, it was too late. I could not take back those horrid words I spoke.

Why is it that we feel so comfy speaking to others as if they are beneath us? Do we really think that these words will somehow get our point across better? They will not. They actually deface and devalue your very character. Your vile words weaken the strength of your integrity and cause you to appear rude, even heartless. Besides that, you accomplish nothing but a feel good second that MUST be followed up with an apology because you lost control.

In today's world, opinions run wild with little to no fact or purpose behind them other than to get something off our minds. On social media, words are typed appearing as vomit as people degrade and define others from an elementary and unintelligent perspective. When does it end? Let it end with you. There is enough hate without us adding more with our mouths of destruction. Our tongues hold words of life and death. Will you speak a rose or bouquet of love? Or will you assassinate someone with your words of fire and brimstone?

We always have a choice. Choose to speak life and love. Choose words that will build and encourage. Speak wisdom to those who have none. Share your life lessons with someone who needs it. Kill those words that seek to destroy others. It's time to resurrect someone from the dead place they may be in. Start with you. Speak life to yourself every single day and watch you bloom like a well-groomed garden. Your tank will overflow and you will see the true power of your words in a positive light.

Be blessed and be wise!


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