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The word addicted is normally attached to only drug and substance abuse. Many do not think of being addicted to electronics, shopping, sex, people, etc.; however, it is time to address addiction at it's foundation. The word addicted is means that within the body and mind there is an abnormal attachment formed that produces an unhealthy desire or need. This desire or need is one that a person is unable to disconnect from without having a negative effect. Hearing the definition provides a greater understanding of how a person can be addicted to more than just drugs.

In the podcast entitled, "Addicted", I discuss how addictions form in the mind and how it becomes a virtual reality before a person even indulges in the act. What happens in the mind is similar to being stimulated sexually. The excitement, hype, and reward that is engraved in our mind and accompanied by tantalizing images makes it unreasonable not to participate in the real thing. The pull or drive that is birthed to "have it" becomes so strong that one will do almost or will do anything to make it happen.

The first time may bring about mixed emotions and the thrill may call one's mental phone at night to make sure that it is still on your mind. It will make sure that the person has not forgotten what it felt like, how it smelled, or what it looked like. The pictures will play on repeat.

How do you refuse the desire to make it a second time thing? Ask yourself if it is worth it to continue? Ask yourself what is at stake if you cannot control your desires? What do you stand to gain? What do you stand to lose?

In the beginning, addictions won't ask for much but in the end they will literally take your soul if left unchecked. That is the desire of addictions. The goal is to take until there is nothing left. Addiction is the abuser and the person addicted is the giver. Are you the giver? Have you given to the point that you literally feel as though you are losing your soul? Is your child the giver and you see them slipping away?

It's not easy being either person. What can you do? It is time to break the relationship if it is you. Remember that the attachment formed cannot be broken until you admit that you are attached. Then, find out where the deepest connection lies. Is it in your mind? Is it in your body? Is it financial? Where is the connection and how can you break it?

Once you see the connection, determine the best way to break the bond. This may require a support system or accountability partner that is strong enough to help you through it without being entangled themselves. Keep in mind that this is a process and it is not always a smooth one. One may have withdrawal or seemingly unquenchable urges to return. One may even feel guilt, shame, or judgement for what they have done. This feeling may bring them so low that they do not want to recover but to retreat instead.

The support system is key. Having a support system is necessary to help along the way and to know that someone is right there. Loneliness mixed with unhealthy desires can be challenging but it is not impossible. Prayer, support, and willpower will keep a person going and on the right path if defeat is not given the opportunity to overtake that person.

If this person is you or a loved one, get the help that you need. Don't stay in a place of thinking that you cannot get the help that you need. Resources are listed on the Products page, and I can help you find more. Feel free to email me at

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