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Homeschool vs Public School

Growing up, I would love to get up in the morning and run to the bus stop. In addition, I was always acting up on the bus and in class. Yet, I loved attending school, seeing my friends, eating lunch, meeting new people, traveling for sports, and learning. English was my favorite subject. Social Studies was next. While I did cause a little trouble, I respected my teachers and wanted to learn. I loved learning so much that I acted out when taught a mundane and rudimentary education in high school. I needed advanced classes because I had exceeded the stationary level.

Today it is not the same. When you walk into schools, you see a lot of students in pajamas and hoodies. There is so much cursing and name-calling at the elementary level. Their mannerisms are enough to make your eyes water. Respect has disappeared, and students live entitled and liberated to speak their minds however they choose. Our generation's youth had respect. We were not perfect, but respect for others was present and effervescent in our minds.

When asked what I think is the difference between homeschooling my children and allowing them to attend high school, I share my thoughts on respect at home compared to behavior in school. In a homeschooling environment, your children soak up the love, joy, peace, adventure, and creative learning styles they're shown. Meanwhile, public school is almost like pre-college life. Once you leave home, rebellion unfolds, and the testing of the waters begins.

Learning in a public school environment can be challenging. It would be nice if students would express an interest in learning beyond what is needed to pass a test or exam. Many students take more pride in cheating than in taking the time to study and pass a test on their own.

As a parent, it is up to you to determine if you even have the time, patience, creative mind, and organization it takes to be a homeschooling Mom. No? Then, you will need to decide if public school is the best option based on the schools offered in your area. Do some research. Talk to parents at the park, grocery store, and gyms. Check out social media groups for your school district. Attend school events to see how the school community and staff are as a whole. If your child is an athlete, check out which sports are available and the manner of the coaching staff and athletes. See if the school offers clubs or groups that may add value to your child.

If you desire to learn to be a homeschooling Mom, please do it. Do it afraid. Do it with tears in your eyes when it doesn't start as planned. Remember that homeschooling is a personal journey. You will learn a lot from the homeschooling community. More than anything, you will discover what is in you. You will cultivate a continued legacy and family values that will linger on for years.

During the first week, you will begin to understand your child's learning style and how they prefer to schedule their day to have an optimal day of education. You will also be able to evaluate what subjects your child needs more assistance in and learn how to make it fun. Fun helps education stick. Can you learn without fun? Yes! But fun helps them retain information, and it adds value to learning.

Both options allow students to connect through athletics, extracurricular activities and groups, career centers, and more. There are many things that both homeschooled, and public school students can do together if you are looking for a hybrid option. Allowing students to experience both may give them a greater appreciation for life and what it offers.

I like public schools for my children because I realize I cannot shield them from what’s to come, but I can be a tour guide. Public school is a reflection of the real world. Children see the good, the bad, and the ugly daily. The part I don’t like is that the exposure comes much sooner than it did before. Why? Our youth know, see, and hear too much too soon. Homeschooling provides a more censored environment young children will appreciate. Elementary is too young to be confused about life. That is a time for building a simple, solid foundation.

While the public school has its journey, you have more freedom when you send your child away from home. We allowed our children to voice their opinion regarding remaining homeschooled or attending public school. They presented a great argument of why we should trust them to go to public school and maintain a sense of character and honor for our family. They won, and we are pleased with our decision.

Every home will be different. Do not compare your dynamic to mine or anyone else's. Assess your situation. Growth and understanding are the principal rewards we'll receive from the assessment. It will challenge us to think outside the box and devise feasible and uncomfortable decisions.

Why wait? Make your decision today. Comment and let me know your decision and why you decided to make that decision.

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