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How Do I Get Order In My Home?

Order is a mean word in some minds. When I talk to my kids about the importance of order, their faces become pale and somber. They just want to get out of the conversation by any means necessary. They are over it before I even get started and it shows in their posture and the slight tilt in their head that screams, “Are you kidding me?”

Many homes are struggling to grasp the actual concept of order and why it should be established in the home. While they struggle, their homes remain in some form of disarray. This may also be the state of your home. The title may have caught your eyes and you can feel the need for order and organization in your home.

Order is not a bad word. It is not even a mean word, but it is a word that demands an audience of respect. Order is not for the faint at heart which is why many avoid it at all costs. To have order, is to challenge your being to come under the authority or command of a being or rule. Yeah! So, maybe not in today’s society, right?

Call me crazy but I believe it can still be done. Who really cares about order? I do and you do as well, Moms. Why? Order provides us the liberty that we need from yelling, being overwhelmed by undone chores, loose lips, broken curfews, and so much more. Order establishes the common bond of respect, honor, and organization that is needed for our homes to function the way that God intended for them to function.

If reading that paragraph made you feel like you were dreaming, that tells me that you need order just as much as I do. LOL! It’s not to say that everything in our homes is out of whack but it does commandeer the thought that there are adjustments to be made. What adjustments are needed in your home and how do you go about getting this order that is needed?

I’m glad that you asked. Here are a few tips that I provide in episode thirty-one of my podcast along with a few more not mentioned in the podcast.

Tips on Establishing Order In Your Home

  1. Start With You! You are the first person that has to have some type of order. Take a moment to do inventory on you. If there is a need for order in your life, write it down and strategize how you can get your life in order.

  2. Make A List. List all the things that are out of order in your home. What can you do to begin establishing order. Remember, you cannot change people. That’s God’s job.

  3. Take It All To Prayer. Don’t miss this step! Once you have a list for you and your home, now God needs to speak to you about what to do. You have to hear from Him on what to do and how to accomplish the task.

  4. Execute! Do what GOD says and keep in mind that it may take time to accomplish each task and implement the strategies.

This is definitely not an overnight task. It takes time because you and your family need time to process things and place things in their proper order. Don’t rush yourselves or others. The outcome will be worth the headaches and the wait.

Be blessed


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