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Moving Forward

#packitup #letitgo

I had a moment where I sat down and looked over my life. What I saw was steady growth at an accelerated rate. No! I am not bragging. Listen, I saw me growing with bags attached to my progress. Yes, I was maturing but I still had old mentalities that were attached to my new growth.

It bothered me because who takes old tattered items to your new home and decorates with it? Nobody, right! So, I did further research into the bags that I was carrying and I found they were attached to fears, disappointments, and past failures. These bags thought that they were invited to come along for the journey.

I know you are asking what I did. I began to speak to the bags and tell them they were not invited and they had to go. Then, I really let it go and began to move forward. I started declaring what I saw in my dreams and visions is already here. Oh, it works! Trust me, it does.

When you train your mind to think, speak, and believe what is positive, you will watch it come to pass. It is almost like you become a magnet for greatness. I am watching things happen for me that I never thought would happen. Yes, it started out small but do not despise small beginnings. You have not heard the greatest part of my testimony. Look forward to hearing more and more.

It is time to move forward. Set your mind on things that have to do with where you are going. Have you been stifled along the way because of stumbling blocks and things that seem impossible? Great! I know a God who is THE GOD of the impossible. He said that we can speak to mountains and tell them to go and they have to get out of our way. Then, He said that we can speak that things that are not happening are happening.

Somebody is saying that I sound nuts. Well, I am here to tell you that faith is crazy. It believes in things that other people pass up on a daily basis. Faith believes against all odds like many inventors and entrepreneurs do everyday. You and I are no different. Let that old dead mindset go and move forward.

Have a blessed day!


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