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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Understanding the Driving Force Behind the Minds in Your Home

It’s funny how we look at the state of our family health and we zoom in on what is wrong and try to pinpoint where it came from and how to tackle it. In the process, it can almost drain your mental well being if your focus is out of balance. I have found that the best way to analyze what is going on in your home is to start with you. Where are you mentally? (#insane #sane #mindovermatter #wheresthemaid)How are you responding in your home to the things that are going on around you? Better yet, are you responding or reacting?

Starting with you may seem like a small task or a big challenge. (#epicfailure) Either way, that internal assessment of your personal mental health can catapult a revolutionary change within your home. The heart that is usually the most pliable is the heart that is best dealt with first.

Let’s start with where you are mentally. What are your thoughts running to constantly throughout the day? (#sleep #nap #exercise) Take some time right now and do a mental inventory of what you think about and when. I have put together a little sheet that may help you out. Journaling helps the mind to put our thoughts into proper perspective and see what you are really dealing with. Even if you are not the writing type, a line or two of what you are going through will help you pen point the root of your troubles and strong points. (#kids #husband #leavemealone #letmebegreat)

Once you begin to see where you are, you will usually be able to see where your family is as well through journaling their behavior. This does not qualify for a Dr. Phil moment, but it is a time for you to be able to gather intel on your family. This information may be a path to the same pot of trouble. Is everyone stressed about a particular thing? Have you all been super busy and not getting enough rest and the whole family is cranky? Is quality family time lacking and the strain of it taking a toll on everyone? Find the pattern and think of strategic non-boring ways to deal with it.

Nowadays, it seems as if the family lacks serious fun times. Many families have crouched before their electronics and camp out on social media for the day and into the night. Geesh! That is no fun at all. What can you all do as a family that will spark a fire of love, fun, and new relationships to bring a greater level of communication, peace, and understanding?

There are times when you will experience traumatic times in the family and no one is recovering well. The shock of the incident has taken it’s toll and emotions are running crazy. It is in this time that the family has to take time to have fun, release tension, and even find time to just vent and cry. Together, you are stronger than you are apart. (#livelaughlove #praytogetherstaytogether)

Remember, you cannot be of much help to anyone until you first help yourself.

Tell me how your journaling experience worked below.

Be blessed

~ Ty

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