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Summer School At My House

Of course, in a cool world, our kids would look just like this doing their homework. However, because it is summer and all children want to do is go outside and play. Yep. I believe that when I told my children that it was now time to go back into reading, writing and math they developed a newfound hatred for having a mother as a teacher.

They shared their opinions in all kinds of tones that included musical feet and hands, poetic words of injustice, and more. I sat in silence as I thought of all the great printouts that I could use to create a beautiful summer school packet. Oh, the joy that filled my heart as I saw sheets of algebra, paragraphs, and so much more. I just could not get enough of it.

For the life of me, I cannot understand the complacency that this generation has with technology over education. They love how technology moves and grooves but when you join it with the beauty of learning they fall apart. WHY???

Summer school is a time of regrouping, yet, they snot on the advantages of getting ahead while school is out. I am researching creative ideas to get my children back into the mode of enjoying knowing more than what you did the day before. Summer school will be fun again in our house. You have the chance to help me. The best suggestion will gets the prize.

I will be posting what works in the next two weeks. I have the following grades to enlighten: Kindergarten, First, Third, Seventh, and Ninth. Got it? Alright. Tell me how to work it and if it works I will be giving out some freebies. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a blessed day!


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