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That Exercise Life - The Journey Begins

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I would absolutely love to say that I have a six pack and a rump of steel; however, that is not my current testimony. With that being said, I want to discuss this ever-growing, much needed trend of self-care. After having seven children, I have noticed that my sit up game is a chore and so is getting off the couch.

What do I do? I am glad that you asked. I decided to journey my progress for those mothers who did not gain their weight while pregnant but they gained it long after having children. Yep! I said it. My weight is strictly from couch life, donuts, fast food, pop, and potato chips.

I still get asked that amazing question of how many children I have so that people can find out if I am expecting or not and I am married to beautiful man that has the appearance of a year-round bodybuilder and is a personal trainer. Bummer for him, huh! LOL! Just kidding. That's why I decided to go on this journey.

It is so important for us to take care of us. When we think of our families and how much we love them, we must filter in that we want to be around as long as we can to enjoy them.

Each week, not day - I am not that excited about this journey - I will be documenting my progress. I will include pics just to help some people out. Each Friday, I will post a blog post, podcast, and occasionally video and pics. The podcast will be about something new that I have learned. The video will be posted on my N.I.O. site and pics will be on the blog, video, and post. I will do this for those who need motivation in various ways.

Losing weight is not always easy, immediately rewarding, or fun. For me, it breaks me down from the inside out. I learn how to deal with my emotions, insecurities, and to operate in total self-control all over again. While it proves to benefit in the end, it is a process that will challenge you to grow from the inside out. I encourage you to love you enough to go on this journey with me for you. You deserve to look your best; feel your best; and live your best life right now.

Have a blessed day!


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