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The Importance of Fathers

While this is The Family Made Mom, it is necessary to discuss the importance of a father. What is a father other than the male parent? Biblically speaking, he is the one who helps the child with their identity. He speaks over the child, usually naming the child and speaking the blessing over them as well. He may also provide an education for the child and training the male children.

In your home, what is it that you teach your children about their father? Sure you may be a mother who is parenting alone and you may even be one who was left to carry the weight alone. The weight that is carried when you have to do it all on your own sings the tune of just how important that father is. The difficulty many Moms have with the “important” part is that many have not embraced or fully understood the strength and character of their role. This stagnates their ability to assume the roles needed to be the best they can be to their child.

Many fathers have honed in on their identity as a man but have failed to see how to assume the role successfully. This lack of skill to transition into the person needed within the home has divided many families and homes. More importantly, they are divided within themselves. Knowing their role is necessary to keep the home balanced and flowing properly even if the parents are not still together.

What is the role of the father?

  • Gatekeeper: He keeps watch over his children, ready and willing to defend the home to keep everyone safe.

  • Priest, Prophet, & King: He, like a husband, goes before the Lord for his children. He speaks over, corrects, and warns them and he is the ruler over his children. He makes decisions that are not easy but made to care for and protect his children

  • Burden Bearer: He is willing to carry the physical and financial burdens for his children. He will toss his children in the air reminding them they are lightweight in comparison to his strength. He consoles them letting them know that he will do what it takes to provide and care for them.

  • Educator: Though some lessons may be hard, the father will teach what sons need to know about being wise and becoming a man. He will teach his daughters about their worth and that they don’t have to settle for anything less than the best.

  • Comforter: There’s nothing like the arms of a father. His arms hold on tight and do not let go until he is sure you have confidence to continue on. His hands are big but gentle to wipe the tears away and remind you that Daddy is there to make you feel better.

Fathers, we salute and encourage you today and every day. We ask you to embrace your role in a greater way this day and this year. May your hearts be open to receive the roles you were created to be in and experience the joy and satisfaction of producing good fruit from what you sow into your children. Happy Father’s Day!

~Be Blessed


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