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Too Much To Function

Every Monday presents a brand new week of challenges that we may or may not be prepared to face. Some of us have convinced ourselves that each Monday will be horrible and long. I used to be this person. I thought that every Monday was going to be too much for me to be able to function at maximum potential levels. LOL! I convinced myself that because everyone else dreaded Mondays I should follow suit. Ummm...NO!

Every day is a day to start fresh. If we say that a day is too much from the beginning, we cheat ourselves of the opportunity to conquer our challenges. Huh? Why would we want to cheat ourselves out of any opportunity to shine and do our best? That makes no sense, right? I know I am but somebody won't agree. Pooey to you!

Life is about taking by storm various situations, issues, challenges or whatever else you would like to categorize them as. Either way, life is yours to take it and make the absolute most out of it. Who said you had to have a bad day? Who said the day has to stay that way? Why does it appear as if the day will not end? These questions are for you to do self-examinations throughout the day to see how you can adjust yourself and your way of thinking.

Get out of the box and live. Stop telling your self life is too much for you to function. You can make it and you will if you allow yourself the time to take life step by step and day by day. Why are you in such a rush? Speak peace to your storm that is constantly brewing on the inside. Tell it to stop raging and to stop right now! You do have peace and you have it right now!

Keep doing this and you will have a peaceful life. I encourage you to write back and tell me how your day went and how the journey is for you.

Have a blessed day


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