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As a wife, you do so much more than what you are given credit for, but not after today.


This book will help you to step into your roles with greater confidence and internal balance. Be you with joy, peace, and excitement. Never look back.You too are more than enough and more than just a wife!


In Help! I Am More Than Just a Wife, author and speaker Natiya "Ty" McFadden challenges women to discover life beyond titles. Natiya prods the mind of wives everywhere to see who they are by taking an inside journey while watching everything change as wives embrace the newness of confident living.


Learn what it means to:

• Understand who you really are

• Say no and feel good about it

• Discern those who only want to take

• Understand the power in your voice and stance

• Experience just how great you are


Wives, stand up and take a bow as you embrace the strength and grace within you. You are more than just a wife!

Help! I Am More Than Just A Wife

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