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Remember Those Who Helped You Along The Way

In life, we have so many people that come along and share a word, give a hug and share the love that we need at the exact moment that you may have been about to quit. These times are precious and they hold so much weight. The time that it took that person or those people to extend beyond their limits to show you that they cared is priceless.

I think of the times that I have reached out to someone and it was not always comfortable. I didn't always want to do it, but I did it so that I could help someone else. Now, more than ever, it is important to reach back and remember those hands that held you up when you were ready to fall. Who's hands guided along a dark path? Was there someone that sat down beside you and listened when you needed them and held your hand through the conversation?

Don't forget about the ones who have been there. In forgetting, we strip ourselves of the fact that God never leaves us alone to pursue the journey. No, if you can't think of anyone, know that God was and is there. In our minds, we think we were all by our lonesome to figure life out. Ha! We don't have it figured out. God comes alongside us and nudges us on the right path. Of course, we can vere away from it as much as we'd like, but if we are wise we will stick to His course because He knows best.

Life gets hard for all of us. There are times that we have to think twice about whether or not we want to make another footprint along this path called life. I'm so grateful that God gives us family, friends, mentors, and leaders who aid us along life's journey.

Take some time to think back and extend gratitude to those who have helped you. Someone needs that encouragement. Don't wait until you are spreading flowers over caskets or ashes. Make time to celebrate those who have lent their lives and love to you.

Be Blessed and Stay Safe


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