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The Importance of Your Peace

Why is the picture so big? The picture is so big because the message is so important.

Your peace must be sacred to you. It is important to guard your peace with everything that you have. What is peace and why is it so important? Merriam-Webster defines peace as the state of tranquility or quiet, harmony in personal relations or even to become or keep still or quiet. The importance should ring loud and clear from the definition but in essence it is important to prohibit anything from disturbing our right to have emotional, mental, and physical peace.

Dare to get still and allow God to remind you that He is still the author and finisher of your faith or your ability to trust and believe in Him. In times like this, all we feel sometimes is the pressures of life and it is definitely enough to make you wan to crumble from the inside out. This moment is when you hold on for the ride. This journey is not meant to break you in half.

The pain can seem like it is taking all you have, but know that these weapons that are forming against you - the attitudes, pressure, stress, troubles - they cannot win. You have the right to grab ahold of the peace of God. How? Declare that you have it. Say that you have peace. Become still and allow your mind to begin to think on those things that are lovely, joyous, just, kind. Do not allow negativity to eat at you and tell you that things will never change. Stand your ground and hold onto God.

ISometimes, I lay in the bed and let the tears fall on my pillow all while singing a soft song about how much I love Him and how He loves me. Sometimes, you sincerely have to remind yourself that GOD LOVES YOU! He wants to keep you in His peace because there is joy and safety in this peace.

I want you to have your peace and joy on a daily basis. It is possible. Just believe.

Be blessed


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